Directed, animated, and produced by: Khoo Yi Hui
Software: Autodesk Maya, Next Limit RealFlow, Adobe After Effects
Running time: 1′ 27”


A humorous short based on the theory of subtractive colour mixing.

Cyan(C), Magenta(M), and Yellow(Y) own a magic ‘colour well’ which they carry around to splash colours onto the surrounding white landscape. Each take turns to jump into the well, which will spew them out together with paint of their colour. Secretly tagging behind is Black(K). Amazed by their abilities, K decided to join them and  jumped into the well too before they could stop him. Out spews lots of black paint that covers over the plants which C, M and Y have previously coloured. In shock, C, M, and Y plunge themselves into the well at the same time … and you probably can guess the ending :)

Film Stills


19th-26th June 2011—–Melbourne International Animation Festival

————————————–Official Selection, Australia

21st-27th March 2011Monstra Super Short Animation Film Competition

————————————–Official Selection, Lisbon

28th Feb-6th March——-2nd Singapore Short Film Awards

2011——————————Nominated for Best Animation, Singapore

28th-31st Oct 2010——-[Aniwow!2010] 5th China (Beijing) International

————————————–Student Animation Festival

————————————–Official Selection, China

27-29th July 2010———SPACETIME 2010 Animation Competition

————————————–Exhibition, Los Angeles SIGGRAPH Conference

————————————–Third Place

————————————–On Tour with SpaceTime Travelling Student Exhibition

————————————–(conducted by ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee)

14-16th May 2010——-Very Short International Film Festival

————————————–Local Selection, Singapore

————————————–Public Award (Audience Choice)